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Tao's birthday party @ 130713 SSTP

Chanyeol:While Tao was taking a shower, I quickly turned off the lights and since he has a lot of fear, he was yelling "Hyung what are you doing! Open the door, open the door!" But I held tightly onto the door and didn't open it. Then I quickly opened the door and we were standing in front of the bathroom with a birthday cake-
Xiumin:With all the lights off.
Chanyeol:And we started to sing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you." But this happened while Tao was cleaning, so he had no clothes on LOL.
Xiumin:He was bare. He was naked.
Chanyeol:We have those memories of having a unique birthday party.

Do we look similar or I’m driving crazy

Lee Jonghyun rubbing ice on Kim Jonghyun’s body during the ice challenge~

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Happy b-day Tatsurou!

From Aki’s facebook :3

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140822 Jonghyun twitter update

@realjonghyun90: 140822 SHINee JONGHYUN + CNBLUE JONGHYUN ‘Ice Buc…: http://youtu.be/te9fawLlkTY

얼음물이 절 감쌀때 전 그 어느때보다 따뜻함을 느꼈습니다
행동으로 함께할때 알수있는 것들이 있죠

When the ice water covered me, I felt a warmness more than ever before.
It’s something that can be known when we do things together through action.

@realjonghyun90: 사실 이수만선생님 박진영선배님 양현석선배님을 지목하고싶었지만…
세상의 모든 종현이들이 함께하길 바라는 마음에
모델 홍종현씨와 틴탑의 종현씨 뉴이스트의 종현씨를 지목했다…
종현이들은 다 착하고 잘생긴거같다

I actually wanted to tag Teacher Lee Sooman, Park Jinyoung sunbaenim, and Yang Hyunsuk sunbaenim, but…
with the hope that all the Jonghyuns in the world can do it with us,
I tag model Hong Jonghyun, Teen Top’s Jonghyun (Changjo), and Nu’est’s Jonghyun (JR)…
I think all Jonghyuns are nice and handsome

@realjonghyun90: 너 같은친구를 둬서 참 감사함 이종현

I’m really thankful to have a friend like you, Lee Jonghyun

Translation credit @shiningtweets

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